The Top Hookup Sites To Use in 2020

Hookup sites became an extremely popular way to arrange meets, especially for those already engaged in a relationship. Finding a hook up used to mean trawling clubs and investing a lot of time (and money in numerous drinks!), often without a result. It was hard labour back in those days, especially without knowing if who you were approaching was looking for something anyway, the ground work for one night of fun was not for the weak that’s for sure. Now we have terrific aids such as hookup sites and apps to aids us in our conquests.

The trouble is however, like people, how do you know what hookup sites are real and what sites are fake/scams? The legitimacy of a hookup site is difficult to see straight away from face value unless you just get that vibe that somethings not quite right. If you are questioning what we mean by a site being fake, think money scammers and continuous auto-billing. It’s true that some hookup sites operate as the ‘hookup’ being their cover and all they are really there to do is get your card details so they can keep charging you a monthly fee. A monthly fee you didn’t see when you signed up because it was hidden in a small piece of text and guarded by one of those ironclad tick boxes. You know the ones.


If you didn’t even think about the possibility of a hookup site being legitimate and safe, we have the perfect line up for you. Here our team have gone through and tested various sites to make sure they are the best of the best and only offer the real deal. It is really important that you establish as soon as possible whether a site is offering you a legitimate service before you start signing up to anything.

Things to consider:

  • Are you seeing similar profiles on different sites?
  • Receiving similar messages?
  • Does the company want your card details straight away?
  • When you made your profile, did you instantly get 4 messages, 3 profile views and 6 winks?
  • When you received all those messages and attention, had you even updated your profile yet?
  • Does the site display a customer service contact in plain sight or at least have a section where you can contact them?

Now we’ve got you thinking!

The Best Hookup Sites

Here we have gone ahead and done all the hard work for you. We’ve compiled a list of the best hookup sites and some of the free hookup sites that are actually free, and put them in one neat little dish for you. Happy fishing!


A fun and super trendy site where you can expect to see a lot of flesh and exchange private pictures. You can even engage in a little one on one video ‘chatting’, wink wink. Snapsext is really hot on fraudulent accounts and really do their part in keeping the environment a fun one.

Check out Snapsext

Fling has a large community who all contribute to the site in one way or another, whether it be via live streaming on webcams or uploading private videos for you to watch. You can of course join in the fun for a standard monthly fee (the site is free to register with but you must pay to play) and with how many members are active, they are a pretty good site to get right on it.

Check out Fling

Naughty Hookup is a great combination site for those looking for it all. While you’re arranging a hookup you can be playing adult games, watching xxx videos or live stream with other members. This has to be one of the best hookup sites, mainly for its versatility. It’s also one of the rare free hookup sites that are actually free, of course you can upgrade to a VIP status but the free gold status will do you well and you can arrange a hook up for free.

Check out NaughtyHookup


If you are looking for a simple hookup site that has a more relaxed feel and less features to preoccupy you, BeNaughty is the site for you. When less is more, you can still be naughty at a low cost.

Check out BeNaugty


LiveFling combines the ability to orchestrate a hookup, with the services to blow some steam off on your own personal time. With video chatting, games and videos to watch it’s a great combo for getting it out of your system. All of their monthly packages are unlimited too so you don’t have to worry about reaching a quota communication quota.

Check out LiveFlings

Instabang was dubbed the ‘Instagram of sex’ and it’s easy to see why, it’s easily one of the best hookup sites due to it’s ease of use. One particular feature that is bound to get you places is the ‘hot or nope’ part, you can go through 50 pictures in a matter of minutes and click whether you think they are hot. Easy and quick way of connecting with people. Registration is free but it’s a paid membership service but with so many features it’s definitely worth it.

Check out Instabang

This site really does have it all, the same says it all really. If you want the best hookup site in terms of service combination, Megahookups is definitely the one for you. Webcams, xxx videos, member videos, games to play, there is so much you can enjoy here. Free to register but membership service is needed to communicate and it’s one of the cheaper sites for all the feature you receive.

Check out Megahookup


A fun and social hookup site that is bursting with members and fun times ahead. Enjoy features such as big photos and unlimited chats, as well as a modest membership price.

Check out Flirt

Are you looking for something different? Like minded people? A community full of open minded swingers? You’ve got it! Now add in instant messaging and the ability to broadcast your own videos and you have a recipe for a really good night! Free to join but the membership is a pretty good price considering the service you are getting and the wealth of people who will understand your idea of fun.

Check out AdulfFriendFinder

Whether you are looking for a casual date, a hookup, a drink in a friendly place, you’ll have all the tools you need to organise your next adventure here. Register for free and choose from a monthly membership to continue your endeavours. They also have Live Cams for all those in between moments or nights where you want fun from the comfort of your own home.

Check out MeetLocals

That’s an interesting tagline, to start with but in this case, they aren’t wrong. Boasting millions of members and claiming to be ‘the’ site for casual encounters and secret affairs, you are bound to find someone to help you scratch that itch. They also have super fun streaming capabilities and live cams where you can help the model scratch their itch. Sounds like fun indeed!

Check out FriendFinder X

This hookup site has such an alluring name and will all the feature they offer it’s easy to see why. With thousands of users near you, you can connect, instant message and video talk to other members. Organising a hookup has never been so easy and the chase so fun. They offer a free membership which is basic but to really enjoy the features you’ll need to upgrade.

Check out Passion

Use their advanced GPS-based automatch system to help you find your next adventure. Instanthookups boast being the best hook up site on the web with 19000 repeat hook-ups made, that’s one hell of a boast. There are also numerous user reviews repeating how great this site is. It’s definitely worth a watch and certainly with the amount of power they put behind their services, they are a serious company. Can you find a hookup in minutes like they say you will?

Check out IntstantHookups

Uberhorny practically describes half of the planet, does it not? An apt name for sure. As well as the name, it’s pretty much guaranteed the members will also themselves be uberhorny and with the feature available it will definitely be fun to find out. Using instant messaging, video chat, galleries and even Live cams with interactive models, you are sure to find something to appease your urges. Find yourself a hookup now with this modern and fun site.

Check out Uberhorny

Are you a loveaholic? Do you enjoy the excitement of a new date or hookup? So do these members. Join thousands of members looking for just that. Not many hookup sites are free but this site offers women free messaging to men, while that only accounts for a certain percentage of the population, it’s great news for a female heterosexual. Not so great news for anyone else, I’m afraid.

Check out Loveaholics

You will need to upgrade your free registration to enjoy the site fully but you can gain access to unlimited messaging and unlimited video/photo galleries. Couple this with the ability to organise your next hookup and you could be in for a very interesting night. Using the advanced search functions, you can quickly and efficiently search through thousands of profiles and narrow your search down. Join other members now looking for a secret affair or a one off night of fun.

Check out Affairalert

Snapbang indeed! Join a huge following of members using the most modern methods to arrange their next meets. Thrall through thousands of photos at your leisure or narrow your searches down, you won’t be short of material. You can enjoy video chat with the members and watch videos uploaded by the community, if you are feeling frisky you can even upload yourself. Registration is free but to take advantage of this great hookup site, you’ll need to become a subscriber to their low cost membership.

Check out SnapBang


There are not many free hookup sites that are actually free, many of the sites state the registrations is free and some even say ‘lifetime’ but that doesn’t mean they are free. Out of all of the sites above, only one has a decent capability of staying free but generally if you want great features to help you in your search, you’ll want to pay for the memberships. Often free hookup sites actually come with more problems due to the sheer amount of members creating profiles and then leaving them stagnant, those paying for a service are more likely to be serious about it.

That being said, there are loads of sites above you could use and get good responses on. Don’t be put off, find a site where you enjoy the features and layout, if you don’t get that basic premise right, you will struggle to use it and enjoy the journey of finding your hookup.

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