SnapBang are committed to bringing you the best and so, have a dedicated team to make sure no fake profiles are used. This is a pretty good unique selling point, it means the members who are on there are real and they are serious about hooking up with you.

With over 11 years in the Biz, SnapBang know what they are doing and know how to help you. Bear this in mind when you read through some of my pointers and keep that ‘quality over quantity’ mantra going.

Picking a site can be fairly tricky, especially if you don’t want to sign up to hundreds in order to find one you like. We tend to go by word of mouth or recommendations but with this kind of site, that is less likely. So, in order to give you that helping hand I’ve gone through a few parts of the site to help you figure out if it’s right for you.

How easy is it to sign up?

Piece of cake. Pop the necessary details in, 6 quick steps later and I am there on the platform surrounded by beautiful women. Automatically you read that and thought, there’s a but. There is but I will come to that in a minute.

A nice pop up comes up after registering, asking for a few more details:

This gives you a little opportunity to pop some of the smaller details in to get you started. Since signing up 30 minutes ago and doing the same, I’ve already had 4 messages and 2 winks. It is worth it, believe me.


Now here is that ‘but’ I mentioned earlier. Many sites come with a free basic account when you sign up and verify your email address. While this site doesn’t make you literally upgrade your account, you’ll be hard pushed to achieve anything until you do. In fact the most you can do is build your profile and add photos, you can have a little look around the home page and explore a couple of links but you can’t look at profiles nor contact them in anyway.

This might seem a kick in the teeth, but go back to what I said before, SnapBang are committed to making sure there are no fake profiles and one thing someone with a fake profile won’t do is spend lots of money upgrading their account. Automatically it weeds out those who aren’t serious, leaving you with the quality over quantity factor. It ends up being a testament to them because they only want the best for their members.

Upgrading your account. Let’s take a look at the costs to do so now:

Now normally I don’t say try the trial but for 2 days at 99p, that’s a good deal considering right now you wouldn’t be able to see half the site. In the long run of course, you’ll want to go for the 18 months term to get the lower monthly amount and I know what you are thinking, 18 months is a long time. Even if you did 2 of the 6 month terms, you’re still paying the same amount but with less months thrown in. A lot of people say to me, but I won’t need it for that long, I’ll just try it for a month. Wrong! Over half of those people regret it because they end up extending that month and paying extra, when they could have just gone the mile in the first place.

Think about that, it will save you some money in the long run.


  • Messages display as instant pop up messages, making chatting quick and easy
  • Active boxes on the homepage such as ‘Whos online now’, ‘Hotties near you’, ‘Who’s viewed me’ etc
  • Activity centre bar for quick access to your notifications

  • Members post videos, 99% of the time showing themselves self loving
  • Linked to a live cam site, brilliant access to a site full of models just waiting to put on a show
  • Video chat and group chat possibilities, sounds bloody awesome!
  • Loads of different search functions – Search members, Most popular, New faces, Mood statuses and more.
  • Full frontal nudity photos are allowed, there’s no censoring here on this site.

Worth the hassle?

I would say any site that goes to those sorts of extremes to bring their members the best experience possible is definitely worth a short. With the extremely easy sign up and the added 3 month guarantee, I would be giving it a shot and expect from the level of traffic already received, that I would find matches pretty soon.

Everyone seems really open on this site about what they want and that’s a good thing, you want them to be truthful and open about their needs and wants. It means you can be too and be truthful without hiding the details.

I would recommend giving the 2 day trial ago at the very least, you can have a good look around and see if you’d like to invest further in a proper membership. I bet you get at least 10 messages on your first day too.

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