All You Need to Know about Hookup Apps

Let’s face it, we live in the age of technology and soon our whole lives will be online (if they’re not already). With a simple app on our phone we can now track our calories for the week, speak to friends, and even find someone for a casual hook up anytime, anywhere, all at the swipe of a screen. That might sound a little crazy but turns out that nowadays pretty much everyone is doing it. In fact, over a billion people are now registered to one hook up app or another, making finding a quick sex session super easy. Forget meeting someone at a bar, now you can set up a date or sleepover without even leaving your house or getting out of your pyjamas.

It’s not just about sex either, nowadays you can use these apps to meet people in a new city, find out about local events and just find someone to Netflix and chill with, however you interpret that! And for the most part, using one of these apps is a safer way to interact with people you don’t really know than giving out your personal phone number, social media profile or email address. Want to find out more? Yeah you do! Here is all you need to know about hookup apps and how to find the perfect one for you.

What is a hook up apps?

New to the casual dating scene? Don’t worry it’s really, really easy to figure out how it works. So long as you have a smart phone and an internet connection or data then you are ready to roll!  A hook up app works like any other phone application, you just download it from your phones app store and get hooking up! You will need to create a profile for yourself, including a quick bio, your age, what you are into, a few of your favourite photos and, of course, your location. No point in setting up a date then realising you are in a different city! Or a different country for that matter.

From here, the process of selecting someone you are into will differ slightly between apps but the idea is the same. If you like each other based on your photos and profiles then the app also becomes a chat platform where you can message each other and send photos, then you can decide if you want to meet in real life or just leave it at that! Sometimes a flirty conversation is a great booster for your self confidence even if nothing comes of it. And do keep in mind that there is no obligation to actually hook up with someone just because you match with them or talk to them. I know it’s called a hook up app so you may feel some pressure to follow through but in the end you get to decide.

What types of hook up apps are available?

The last few years has seen a massive influx of hook up apps hit the market and now there really is something to cater to any need. Whether you are looking for a quick one night stand, a flirty conversation, an actual date, or even someone with the potential for something that lasts longer there will be an app to suit your needs. While some of these apps will cater solely to one category, you will find that there are quite a few that cross over between hetero and the LGBTQ communities as well as between instant hook ups and dating.

Hook up apps for dating

Although they are called hook up apps that doesn’t mean that they need to be all about getting some action right here, right now. There are actually lots of hook ups available that are also great for flirty conversations, dating and even some for finding a long term partner. In fact, it is becoming more and more common to meet a couple that met on a hookup apps and turned it into a long term relationship. Look out for apps that offer permanent chat boxes so that there is no rush to commit to meeting up and something where you can offer a bit more information in your bio so you can be upfront about what you are after.

A few good hookup apps for dating and potential relationship are Tinder, Blendr, Coffee Meets Bagel and Bumble. You have probably heard of Tinder already as it is the most well known hook up app out but these other ones have some cool features that might make them more appealing to you. On Bumble only the female can start up a conversation so the ladies won’t get any unwanted messages. Blendr is super similar to Tinder but you don’t need to authenticate yourself with your social media profile so it is much more anonymous. Beware of cat fishing though as there is a higher chance of people using fake profiles. Coffee Meets Bagel only shows you one person a day and you can choose to chat with them or let them go. It’s more about quality than quantity!

Hook up apps for no strings attached sex

When you hear the term hook up app, for most people their minds will fly straight to an app that finds you an almost instant hook up and this is totally doable. Most apps are geo targeting meaning that they will only show you people that are actually close to you and in a lot of cases you will be able to determine exactly how near or far you want your reach of potential hook ups to go. Perfect for those that don’t have a car and can’t get around a city all that easily, as you can literally set it to only show people within your own neighborhood. Pretty bonkers! But super awesome!

So, if you are after action right now (or at least pretty soon) there are a few hook up apps that are perfect for just that. Tinder makes this list again as it can actually be used for no strings attached sex too. Just say that in your profile bio so that you only match with those that are after the same thing. Happn is another app that can be used to meet people in a flash. This app is all about local people and shows you people that you have recently crossed paths with. No more seeing a babe on the street and never seeing them again. This one will let you find them, so long as they are into you too of course.

For those that are serious about no strings hook up apps then look no further than Pure. This app is for those that are short on time and don’t want to be sitting around swiping all day. The way Pure works is that you submit a request stating whether you are after a man or a woman and where you would like to meet, then you will be given some potential matches that you can choose from. Your photo and profile will only be shown for an hour per submission so you better be quick at picking a partner.

Hook up apps for the LGBTQ community

It’s not just hetero couples that can use hook up apps either. Oh no! Many of the more popular apps like Tinder can also be used by members of the LGBTQ community too, all you need to do is specify what gender you are looking to hook up with and if they are into it they will swipe right. But there are also hook up apps designed specifically for the queer community. HER is an award winning app designed specifically for lesbian women to meet up. However, it goes a little beyond that and also has events, friendly meet ups and content too.

And of course, there is something for the guys too. Grindr is the ultimate hook up app for gay and bisexual men with millions of users online everyday. On Grindr you can chat, flirt, send photos and, you guessed it, hook up. What’s great about Grindr is that you can get really specific and find the exact kind of guy that turns you on. Grindr gives a lot of information about your appearance in the profile. Your height, weight, body build, ethnicity and even your tribes are all listed for everyone to see. You can really find a man for any occasion on Grindr.

Hook up apps for threesomes

It’s not just the singles that get to enjoy this new world of hook up apps. There are a new wave of apps popping up for those that want to find partners for a threesome. You might already be in a relationship and want to add someone else into the mix, or you might be single and keen to get down with a sexy couple or another few singles. Then Feeld is the app for you. Here you can find singles, couples or groups to chat with and set up a play date. It’s perfect for couples or singles that are kinky, curious and open- minded.

Another option for those looking for an extra partner or two is 3Somer. 3Somer works a lot like Feeld but also features a profile where users can upload more photos and post updates just like you would on Facebook. That way, users get a whole lot information about potential matches and they can keep up with your evolving interests too.

How do I figure out which hook up app is best for me?

Remember that hook up apps can’t really offer you any guarantee that you will score a steamy night with a sexy stranger, but there are a few ways to decipher which app will work best for you and give you the best chance of finding a match, even if it is just for a one-night stand.

It’s all about being honest with yourself and with anyone you interact with about what you are really after. If you are looking for a sexy night tonight then let everyone know that in your biography, that way no one will be offended or put off if you start chatting and you say that upfront. On the other hand, if you are looking for a few dates and the potential for something long term then make sure you are using the right app, as if you are using one strictly for hooking up asap then you just wasting your own time, and the time of those you interact with. And if you really aren’t sure what you are after then find something in the middle ground like Tinder or Down and keep your options open.

Are hook up apps free?

For the most part hook-up apps are free although a lot of them will also have paid upgrades available with extra features and no ads. However, in most cases there is no need to upgrade and you can use the free versions without much fuss, so long as you can deal with a few ads and a few restrictions. Keep in mind that the more niche hook up apps do tend to cost, as users have more specific interests and are generally a bit harder to find the perfect match for.

So, what are you waiting for? There is a whole world of singles and couples waiting to hook up!

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