What Can You Get Out Of Free Hookup Apps?

Hook up apps are exploding all over the world and, with an increase in users, these apps are creating more and more features in the hopes of beating out the others to be the most popular. While some of these are free, there are also a lot that are offering these features to paying users only so it pays to know beforehand exactly what that free hookup apps has to offer. Because, lets face it, dating can already be expensive. Take into account a slick outfit, hair products, food and drinks and you have one seriously expensive night on your hands, let alone adding an app into the mix too! But there are actually a lot of hook up apps that you  can use completely for free. And, while some of these may have extras or upgrades that will cost you, most of these you can use effectively to find a one-night stand, or a longer term connection without needing to pay a cent for those extra features. These are our favourite free hookup apps. The best things in life are free right?

Favourite Free Hook up Apps

Free hook up app: Tinder

For many people Tinder remains the first pick of the bunch when it comes to free hook up apps and for good reason. Tinder is location based, works worldwide and has over 50 million active users, meaning that, no matter where in the world, you are you will be able to find a quick hook up or a date. In fact, most of it’s users use it for an average of 10 minutes each day so you know that they love it! Tinder is really designed for anyone and they aim to please all manner of people whether you are gay or straight, looking for a threesome or even after a group to spend a night out on the town with. You need to authenticate your account using your Facebook profile which means that there are very few fake profiles and you are less likely to get cat fished than some of the other apps available.

What do I get for free?

You can totally get away with using a free account on Tinder and still get some great results from it. With the free version you get a profile, your pick of your own photos to use, heaps of swiping to find people worth matching with and instant chat. With the free version you will need to put up with an increasing number of ads, limited swipes per hour (although the amount is still pretty huge) and there is no rewind if you accidently pass somebody up without giving them a like first. Unfortunately, with the free version of Tinder, if this happens, they are gone forever. But if you want to pay a monthly fee then there are a whole lot of benefits that come with a paid version.

What will I get if I pay?

There are two paid versions of Tinder available, Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. With Tinder Plus you get the rewind feature so you can go back if you accidentally swipe the wrong way, you get unlimited swiping so you can literally go all day long, no ads, 5 super likes a day rather than 3, and the option to hide your distance. If you pay a little extra for the Tinder Gold then you get all the above features as well as the extra bonus of seeing everyone that has liked you already! It’s a little bit more expensive but a great way to save time if you only see people that you will actually match with if you want to.

Free hook up app: Down

Down is a free hook up app that does things a little differently to most of the others. Rather than showing you strangers that are currently nearby, Down actually focuses on people you already know and lets you get the truth out about how you feel about them. The app pulls from your Facebook friends and lets you decide to either pass them by, tell them you want to get down with them, meaning a quick hook up, or to date them. While that may sound a little scary at first they will only see what you want to do if they pick the same, and if they don’t neither of you will ever know what you suggested so there is so awkwardness next time you see them at a BBQ or party. They have recently added a new feature to Down too which also gives you 10 local users that you don’t know already each day to mix it up a bit.

What do I get for free?

The best thing about Down is that it absolutely free and there are currently no paid upgrades meaning that you get the full range of options without needing to pay a cent. Unfortunately, that does mean that you will need to deal with seeing a bunch of ads throughout your search for a hook up buddy but that is to be expected on any free app nowadays. Plus, this free hook up app is created for straight, gay and bi-sexual users so it can be used by anyone with ease.

Free hook up app: Bumble

Bumble is another free hook up app that has a lot to offer. This app is better for dating than a one-night stand and is especially good for the ladies as it puts them in charge by only allowing the females to start off the conversation. While you can still like and match with the ladies, they need to make the first move and approach you for a conversation first. While you may find that a bit annoying at first, it is actually a very smart approach as it means that as soon as one of your matches start talking you know they are actually into you, or at least intrigued by you, or they just wouldn’t bother in the first place. But, for that reason, it is definitely not the app to choose if you are looking for a quick hook up.

What do I get for free?

Until recently, Bumble was entirely free, and the free version will still get you exactly what you want from the app. You will be able to check out the options, match with them and have a platform for chatting, so long as the females decides she wants to of course. However, when you do match, there is only a 24-hour window for the woman to strike up a conversation before the match disappears and you don’t see them again. Clearly, this has caused a few grizzles from users in the past who wanted a little longer to make that decision so they have brought out a paid version to cater to this need.

What will I get if I pay?

Now, there is Bumble Boost. This costs $9.99 USD a month and offers a few extra features to those that want them. With Bumble Boost you get Beeline which lets you skip the whole swiping process and will show you a list of all the people that have already liked you so you can save time and only bother with those you know are interested. You will also get the Rematch feature which allows you to reconnect with an expired match if no one reaches out within the 24hr timeslot. Perfect for when you match with a smoking hot babe then run out of data! The last extra feature of Bumble Boost is Busy Bee which gives you an extra 24hr window to reach out to a match because they get it, you’re busy! That’s why you are using a hookup apps in the first place right?

Free hook up app: Happn

Sick of missed connections? Maybe you made eyes with someone on a footpath or had a flirt with someone super cute on a train? Whatever and wherever it was, Happn is here to help. Happn uses GPS to track your movements and show people within a 250-mile radius of you. It will then show you if you have crossed paths before and how many times. It will then show you an idea of where you crossed paths as well as their photo, name, age and profession. From there you can decide whether to like them, and, if its match, or crush as they call it, you can start chatting. Of course, as a hook up app this works best for those in a big city as the radius is so small. If you are in a small town somewhere then this probably isn’t the best option for you.

What do I get for free?

Right now Happn is entirely free to use and its popularity is growing really fast so now is a good time to get on board. While it is crushes that you are after with Happn, there is also a cool feature called charms which you can send to someone you have not matched with yet to show them that you are interested. As an app, this one really lends itself to instant hook ups as the radius is so small so if you want something with the potential for a relationship this one probably isn’t the one to use. Also keep in mind that a small radius means that you probably work or live close by to one another and the chances of the two of you passing each other by in the future is extremely likely.  So, if a chat or date doesn’t go too well, or it only results in a one night stand then be prepared for a few awkward on street encounters.

The popularity of free hook up apps is increasing worldwide everyday, meaning that the number of users, and potential matches for you, is getting bigger too. And while some of these apps now require payment to unlock all their features you can still get away with using the free versions so long as you can cope with a few limitations and a lot of ads. Of course, if you can spare a few extra dollars a month and you are serious about your hook up apps then upgrading and enjoying some of those special features might be just what you want. When it comes to hook up apps, the more you pay the more you get back from it so keep that in mind when you are deciding which app to use to find your perfect match.


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