Cdate website review

Started in 2008, this site has gone from strength to strength. The concept is simple, to bring together open-minded people where they feel free to share their desires and talk openly with others about them.

Not all relationships are black and white, so it is important that sites like this continue to provide a forum where noncommittal or open relationships can flourish. This site is perfect for doing just that with its accepting and fun atmosphere.

If you aren’t sure if this is the site for you, have a look through this sneak peek at the goods.

How easy is it to sign up?

On a scale of one to ten, it’s a ten. But, you must sign up, there is no two ways about it. If you want to have a look, you must join as a free member at the very least. A lot of people are put off by joining something straight away because it means being flooded with spam emails from a site you might hate. Have no fear! This is exactly why we are here to give you the low down.

What do they ask for: the normal information, so your name, your date of birth, email address and some of the little details. No credit card details are taken at this point, so there’s no worry about that.

You’ll go through a series of steps, the one above being the first and you can choose more than one. Throughout these steps C-Date gets to know you so there is some information to base your profile on. One great question, which is totally a time for blowing your own trumpet is whereby you pick 3 of your features you are proud of. So it could be your eyes, your hands, your butt, your… well you know where this is going.


 On the basis that a free membership doesn’t really get you very much, if you want the proper experience, you’ll need to become a proper paid member. Which isn’t a bad thing, you’ll get all the great features and start your fun journey of meeting people near you.

Let’s take a gander at the costs of being a member.

Let’s talk value. This majorly depends on what you want out of this site, so forget what the site is telling you for a moment. These packages represent the three stages of how you might use this site, the first one is to see how you feel about the site and get a taste for it, the second is where you hedge your bets so you can try the site out and see what results you can get or the third where you are in this for the long run and want to give yourself as much time for fun as possible. Obviously looking at monthly value, the third option gives you a better price per month but the second option gives you better value in terms of giving the site a go. Unless of course you only have a short window to work with, in that case, the first option could be your best friend.


On this site you can practically get what you advertise for, if you want an affair – no problem, a booty call – great. Let’s have a look at the features that will help you fulfil your requirements.

Above is a quick overview of the premium features verses the free member features. It’s exactly what you would expect from any dating or hook up site but with a more relaxed setting to explore your desires and fantasies. You’ll meet like-minded people who are exploring these things too.

The question a day – This cool little pop up, shows at the top of your profile and helps you connect with people looking for similar thing. It’s the small details like this that can be the difference between having the fun you want and not finding any at all. Say for example we clicked ‘Get shopping’, it would then show the answer to other suitable people. Pretty neat?

Visitors and matches – At a click of a button, premium members can see who has visited their profiles and who their matches are. Seeing your visitors can help you understand who is looking at your profile and if you see anything you like, pop them a visit too. Sometimes people can be shy or reluctant to pop a message to someone they like because they feel they wouldn’t message back.

Now, how accurate and honest you fill your profile out will be the difference to how well the ‘your matches’ feature will work. It will use parts of your profile to match you with others, so be honest. You owe it to yourself.

Worth the hassle?

You lose nothing by making the free members account but if you do decide to go premium, it’s a painless process and there are great payment methods to choose from. Paypal being one of them. The site has all the great features that are bound to give you the best shots at success, no matter what you are looking for.

It’s an easy to use site, the design is minimal and not over complicated, perhaps because finding what you want shouldn’t be complicated either. It also has a pretty comprehensive ‘help’ page too, so if you do get stuck, help is at hand.

Don’t forget to have fun, after all that’s the name of the game.

Site Rating
Hookup chance: 7/10
Active members: 8/10
Member Quality: 7/10
Privacy: 7/10
Site Features: 7/10
Live Chat: 7/10
Mobile friendly: 7/10
Customer Service: 8/10
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