The Best Hookup Apps To Use 2020

If like many, you don’t sit down to use your laptop or PC, you will prefer a device on the go. Here we have created the best hookup apps for 2018 to save you a whole lot of work. This includes hookup apps that are actually free. Albeit, there are so few that are actually free or they start off as a free registration but to use all the features a membership is needed.

Then of course, comes the problem of making sure you have the official version of the app and making sure it is all legitimate. If you are already a member through the web version, you’ll have no problem signing into the app version as it uses the same credentials but if you need to sign up through the app, make sure you have the correct app first. You can do this by following the logos and screen shots below or going through the individual websites link.

Benefits Of Using A Hookup App

We are busy people. It’s as simple as that really and there often isn’t enough hours in the day to fit everything in. That 5 minutes waiting in line, the queue for a bus, a break at work or in the gym, it’s those small moments in which we can take advantage and grab our phones. Once you’ve signed up and got your profile sorted, it will be really easy to do just that. While you are waiting to see your Doctor you could be searching up potential hookups and chatting to members. Hell, if you are brazen you could even be watching a few private videos with the sound off.

Hookup apps are time saving, quick to access, you can take them wherever you go, the apps are streamlined to make them easier to use under those conditions and they are already part of your everyday life. With the influx of technology and the way we model our lifestyles around it, companies would be stupid not to take advantage of this. All we want is the quick and easy option, we want it faster, more convenient and we want it to do as much as possible. Take any app on your phone that you use daily and say that’s not what you want from it?


When it comes to protecting our privacy on our laptops and making sure our history isn’t recorded, we know the score. Leaving information could mean a partner finding out and if you are hiding your hookups from a loved one, that is the last thing you want. If you haven’t considered this simply because your partner never touches your phone or because you have a second one, think again. You are one minute away from self-destruction.

There are a couple of things you can do to help yourself though. Use a VPN to help mask your location, turn off push messages for the apps so notifications won’t give you away, browse in incognito mode if you are using a browser and use an app lock to secure the apps away. Of course, if your partner finds the app lock you will still be in hot water but you will be in a better position than you would be. There’s always that one nosey co-worker as well isn’t there, the one you are friends with but they don’t mind having a quick snoop through your phone, so an app lock might not be a bad thing or just generally a lock on your home screen. Some phones come with biometrics like finger print readers or face recognition, now might be the time to start using it.

Snapsext app


Mark users as hot or not on the go! Get matches wherever you are and arrange hook-ups with members nearby. Snapsext offers the latest in mobile hookup technology and in return you’ll have a lot of fun doing it. It is a lot easier to find users around you with their integrated maps feature, that will either be extremely fun or the death of you as you bump into someone you didn’t want to see on there but either way, it’s still a brilliant piece of kit.


Flings mobile app has as many features on the app as the hookup site does, you can view hundreds of photos, videos and even upload your own, all on the go. Once you’ve established a connection with a few users, it will be easy to navigate through the app and see when they are online. Meeting them can be arranged much quicker and more conveniently. Maybe you are on business and happen to be in their area, a quick message to say you’ll message them after your meeting is done and bam! You’re half way there. Flings mobile app is very easy to use and as you can see from the screenshot, you still get your notifications live and as push messages.


BeNaughtys app is one of the hookup apps for simplicity, just as the website is, this is extremely easy to use too. If you don’t want all the fuss and features, this is a great streamlined app to use. In some cases you may actually find it a bit more modern than the website and easier still to navigate around it. To use the app, you must still have a membership but it’s still free to register.


As the website was described as the sexual equivalent to Instagram, imagine how the app compares! The app offers better stability and quicker connects plus a handy map feature. Suddenly clicking through those yes/no photos is so much quicker and easier, you thought it wouldn’t be possible to beat the website but Instabangs hookup app is probably one of the hookup apps on the market.

By browsing users using the map feature you can establish connections quicker too and organised hookups based on who is around your location at that time. At a party? See if anyone’s using the app and create an icebreaker. Out on a late business meeting and need some destressing, pop open the map. Or maybe you’ve gone away on holiday with friends, there’s no better way to find a quick holiday romance!

flirt app is simple to use, elegant in style and looks fantastic on the bigger screens. You can access hundreds of user profiles and look at their private pictures as much as you want. You can also send them winks and create a favorites list for convenience, because the app itself isn’t convenient enough. Enjoy unlimited messaging for a small membership free and find your next hookup, it could be sooner than you think. This app really encourages you to be social and communicate with other members, don’t be shy, there’s no fun in that.

aff |

Adultfriendfinders app is called Allfriendfinder, because it combines as much information and groupings together as possible to give you the pick of the litter. Known for being open to all situations and host to a community of like minded people, you are sure to enjoy this app even if you aren’t already a member of the website. You can use their advanced search criteria to really whittle down the results, as in the screenshot you can even do it by height.

Adultfriendfinder is well known for the ability to instant message and the allfriendfinder app will not let you down, especially with live notifications. Not only that but you’ll still have access to members videos through their profiles and more exciting features such as lists, where you can create different lists for your different needs. Registration is still free but to enjoy the features you’ll need a membership, sadly.

Meetlocals is another easy to use app with incredible capability. Organise your next hookup quickly and efficiently while browsing and chatting to members. If you like the website version, you will like the hookup app for sure. From the comfort of your own home, you can be arranging your next meet or casually flirting with someone in your pjs.

Hold up! Free hookup site? Not quite but if you are a woman using the app, you can message men for free. This might sound unfair but the ratio of men to women is normally tilts the scales in the men’s department so as a counter measure they are just making sure the guys have members to talk to.

The app itself is easy to use and navigate around, the design is modern and fun. The chat feature reads just like the application on your mobile phone and most sites that use a chat feature. There’s also chat rooms you can join if you are fed up of staying in your private messages. The Loveaholic app offers you all the standard features of most of them but stands out in it’s approach.


C-date has always been widely popular, it has a big member base and a wealth of experience in the industry. Their member ratio is almost 50/50 across genders which is also rare given a heavy male presence is nearly always noted on most. The hookup app is as fun to use as the site and just as easy to navigate around, you’ll get message notifications and can chat in real time, no more delayed emails. Viewing members profiles is easy and just as informational as on the site, you can access their photos and chat privately. Don’t forget to add your favourites to your list so you can access them quickly and see when they are online.

The Best Hookup Sites – Mobile Sites

Unfortunately, some sites don’t yet offer an app or they do but they have been taken off some market places under the belief they are too sexually explicit. Sounds like fun!

If your favourite hookup site doesn’t have an accompanying hookup app, it might have a mobile friendly version of the site or if you are using a tablet, you might be able to use the regular website.

Take for example, there currently aren’t offering an app or if they do, it’s not in many markets but what they do offer is a mobile friendly version of the site on In most cases it’s just putting the m. in front of the web address but sometimes there are variations, just like there are in the app names.

You might be thinking ‘surely if I was going to use the mobile site, I might as well just use the normal website?’. Well, yes but bear in mind, not all webpages display properly on devices with a lower screen size capability. The page might not load properly or become distorted in some way. In our experience it is always better to use the mobile version if there’s one available as it will cause you less stress in the long run. Mobile versions will be built with a mobile device in mind and will behave to suit the characteristics of the device e.g. smaller screens, slower processors, touch responsive and just generally needing a higher efficiency.


Again, there aren’t many free hookup apps, if any at all and if they are free there’s normally a catch in it somewhere and you still end up paying for something. The most common line you will see is ‘free registration’ and you might think ‘FREE ah great’. It’s free to walk into a coffee shop but you still have to pay for something off the menu before enjoying it, and hookup sites or apps are no different really. If you do find one that stays it’s free, just be weary that it could mean free at the moment but not always.

Using the mobile app versions of the best hookup sites won’t give you all of the features of the site itself, but the best that will work capably on a mobile device. Some hookup apps offer video streaming, uploading or just viewing, some offer assisted maps for finding hookup members easier. Tapping into that technology is a great and quick way to take advantage of your lifestyle but it won’t always give you the best of the site. More the convenience.

In the end, trial and error and personal preference will prevail. Keep going until you find a site and app you enjoy, and take it from there.


What Are Some Common Differences in the Hookup Apps?

What are some of the more common differences between dating apps on the market? There are actually quite a few of them. Some of the most common include the following:

  • Primary demographic age
  • Gender focus
  • Relationship type focus (niche)
  • Primary type of user focus
  • Level of information protection desired
  • Length/type of relationship being sought
  • How choosy/picky the user base might be
  • Affluence of the targeted user base
  • Sexuality of the targeted user base

Those are just a fraction of the differences in the hookup apps out there. Need some real-world examples tied to those differences? Grindr is a dating app designed for men seeking men, while Cuddli is designed for fandoms. The League is designed for career-oriented people, while eHarmony is designed for folks looking for marriage material. Zoosk is best for those who are worried about protecting themselves from fraud and scams, and Bumble is designed for women who want to take control over their love lives.

As you can imagine, each of those apps differs greatly in terms of functionality and features. Tinder pioneered the “swipe” left or right, and many apps have followed suit. Coffee Meets Bagel focuses on videos that vanish after a day. Tastebuds lets you set a favorite musical track with your profile, which ties into the app’s hook of helping users connect with others based on musical tastes. What are some of the most interesting features out there today that can make using the hookup apps simpler and easier? Which are “make or break” and which can be ignored?


Current Features to Consider in the Hookup Apps

There’s really no one-size-fits-all hookup app, or even set of features. Your mileage will vary depending on many different factors, ranging from the signal strength in your area or your Wi-Fi speed to the level of familiarity with technology to your comfort with sending photos and video of yourself to complete strangers. However, there are some important features that are more popular and that you should know about as you get into the dating app market. In this section, we’ll detail what those are, how they bring value to you, and more.

Swipe: We’ll start with swiping. It was pioneered by Tinder back in 2012, and has been copied by a number of other dating apps since that time. Swiping seems a bit callous at first glance, and it really is, since you’re choosing to like or dislike someone based strictly on their personal appearance.

However, that has connections to our natural behavior as human beings. You’re much more likely to be interested in someone you meet in real life if you feel a physical attraction to them initially. That allows time for you to get to know (and hopefully like) other things about them, such as their personality, their religious beliefs or lack thereof, their hobbies, and more.

Swiping is essentially saying yes or no to getting to know the other person better, and it helps to winnow down your list of options more quickly. However, emerging research shows that men are much more likely to swipe right (or to say yes) to just about any woman than a woman is to a man. This leads to a match disparity – men are much,

much less likely to find a match through these sorts of hookup apps than a woman is, simply because female users seem to be much pickier about who they choose.

Honest First Impression: Too many of the hookup apps out there can give users a misleading first impression of their potential connections. This is largely due to the fact that these apps are text and photo oriented. When you view someone’s profile, you will likely see a headshot, and then be able to read about their interests, hobbies, education and more.

The problem here is that it can be very difficult to get an accurate first impression of someone based on nothing but a profile picture, some basic information, and maybe a few text chats. This means that you really won’t be able to get a good first impression of the other person until you meet face to face, and that could be weeks after initially connecting with them online. Many of the hookup apps out there are working to provide their users with a workaround for this.

Coffee Meets Bagel is one of the most obvious, as the app focuses on eight-second videos rather than traditional profiles. This can give users a much better idea of what the other person is like in real life than would be possible with a basic headshot and some biographic information. Other apps taking a similar stance include Hinge and Lively, both of which feature video profiles.

However, Coffee Meets Bagel takes things quite a bit farther. The app has a series of daily questions that users answer in the form of videos. Watching these videos not only gives insight into the user’s character, likes and dislikes, but into the nuances of their personality.

Power Move: The League has made waves as one of the hookup apps for those focusing on their careers, but it goes much deeper than that. Users must already have not just the League app, but also Facebook and LinkedIn.

On top of that, there’s a unique algorithm that powers the app, which ensures you only get five matches per day, two of which are mutual “hearted” likes. This creates a backlog of likes/hearts – if a person had 20 hearted likes already, and you hearted them, it would be over four days before they saw your like.

However, they have introduced another feature called “power move” that allows users to jump ahead of the line for a nominal fee. For a payment of $7, you can jump ahead of most everyone else and show up in the next batch of hearts, shown within just 24 hours. While that is an additional cost, it does allow people interested in one specific person to ensure they’re able to be front and center. Of course, there’s no guarantee that the object of your interest will return that interest, but there’s no harm in making sure you’re up front, either.

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