Best Hookup Apps to Meet Your Needs

Hooking up is fun! And nowadays it is even easier than before. No need to get dressed up and head to your favourite bar to find someone for a quick fling, those days are long gone. Now all you need to do is grab your smart phone, download an app and get down to business choosing your perfect match, even if they are just for the night. Hook up apps have jumped onto the market in a big way and now there are so many that it can even be difficult to pick which app is best for you, let alone which partner! Tinder was once, and may still be, the king of hook up apps to some but there are a lot of newer ones making waves in the dating scene. But don’t let this stress you out! I am here to explain the best hook up apps and help you choose the perfect one for you.

The thing is that attraction is personal, and someone that I find insanely beautiful and sexually appealing you might just find… blah. And that’s ok. But it can make finding a partner via an app a bit tricky. Different hook up apps tend to attract certain kinds of people so knowing which is which is going to make your search for a lover a whole lot easier. I’ve done the research so you don’t have to. A good place to start is knowing what you are after. While the term hook up apps suggest that you are looking for a quick fling for a night or maybe a few drunken nights down the track too, it can actually cover all manner of things. You can use hook up apps to find someone for a long term fling or relationship, there are even people getting married that met on these things! There are also apps to help you find people that are interested in the same events as you, apps that will only show you people that are within your neighbourhood, apps for making new friends and social connections, apps for people that are a little bit on the kinkier side, apps for finding an extra for a threesome and of course, apps for the gay and lesbian communities and everything in between! So here are the best hookup apps for all of these categories.

Hookup app for a one-night stand

 We can’t talk about hook up apps without giving Tinder a mention so let’s get it out of the way now by saying that Tinder is so popular for good reason. It was pretty much the first of it’s kind and remains one of the best apps for hook ups hands down. Although there are more and more apps appearing on the market Tinder is still massively growing and is still the most commonly used hook up app. For that reason, there are going to be options for you to choose from, and lots of them. That’s why it is so great for swiping through on your lunch break or while you procrastinate from working, you can just go and go checking out potential playmates before they eventually run out of options for you. But don’t worry there will more tomorrow as more and more people are still signing up every day. Plus, there will definitely already be some matches in there somewhere. Plus, you can use Tinder pretty much anywhere in the world now and it will change your search location as soon as you physically change location so you don’t need to worry about it. A one night stand in every country might be on the cards… sounds good to me!

Of course some people actually don’t like the idea of too much choice and would rather have the options offered up on a silver platter so there is less work involved. Well, I have just the app for you too. Pure is the new app on the block and one that is growing in popularity fast as it provides instant fun without the fuss of needing to swipe through hundreds of options. The way that Pure works is really simple. You submit a request stating whether you are looking for a man or a woman and your preferred area to meet, then you get a few options that match. Your photo and tagline are only shown to other people for an hour meaning that if you don’t find a match in that time you will need to submit again. This is perfect for those that want an instant hook up in their local area without any fuss.

Hookup apps for dating

Looking for something with the potential for a few dates before really getting down to business? Check out Blendr. Blendr is targeted at those that want to enjoy a bit of flirting and go be social rather than diving into a one-night stand. This app is location based meaning that you will get to see everyone that is close to your actual location and there are over 340 million users on Blendr worldwide so you won’t be stuck for choice either. The app itself works much like Tinder, you use a swiping system to decide whether you want to chat with the person or not and you can start speaking with one another if the other person gives you a yes too. What is different about this hook up app is that it does not require social integration to sign up, so you don’t need to have a Facebook account to use it. This is great for those that are a little bit on the shy side and don’t want their Facebook account linked to a hook up app but it does also mean that there are more fake profiles and more chances of being cat fished as the accounts are not verified.

Another app that is great for dates and is fast becoming one of the best hoop up apps is Bumble. Bumble works a lot like Tinder and Blendr except that the female has to make the first move. So, if you are a male on Bumble you won’t be able to start a conversation with any of your matches as she has to make the first move. This app is amazing because it gives the power to the females and avoids any unwanted photos or conversations. And guys this one is actually great for you too if you are looking for something a little longer term as because the female has to make the first move, when you do get to start talking to someone you know that they are actually into you and have decided to open the conversation.

Hookup apps for the LGBT community

While many of the the above apps can actually be used by the gay and lesbian community, there are a few that are actually tailored specifically to these groups. Her is an award winning app for the queer community and is for anyone that identifies as a female. The app itself is very minimalist and tries to encourage more interaction and engagement between users rather than a more voyeur approach that you can get with some of the others. Her isn’t just about hooking up either. The app also encourages friendships, dating and even hosts information abut events in your area so that you can go along and meet people from the app or just go along and see what it’s like. They also have great content so that you can have a read of something interesting while trying to find a potential partner.

And of course, for the gay men there is Grindr. Grindr is really the king of the hook up apps for gay men and has won quite a few awards in it’s time. Grindr really is for hooking up and getting some instant action, or a few naughty photos too. And users love that it is really simple to use and they are millions of users from all over the world so you are never caught short with the men on offer. Grindr really led the way for hook up apps and many of the new ones being created are based off the style of Grindr. Even now, after so long in the market, it remains one of the best hook up apps ever.

But Grindr isn’t the only hook up app on offer for men. If you are wanting something that has the potential for something that involves a few dates, then Chappy might be the best hook up app for you. Chappy was created to cater to the men that want a stylish platform and a bit more class in their dating lives. And the best thing is that it actually caters to those looking for an instant hook up and those that are after something a bit more involved and social. You just select whether you are looking for ‘Mr Right’ or ‘Mr Right Now’ and Chappy will do the rest of the work for you. Of course you can change this as often as you like as some days you might want some action fast!

Hookup apps for kinky people

It’s not just those looking for a straightforward date or one-night stand that get to make the most of hook up apps. There are now apps available that specifically target those with kinks and fetishes and helps them find a partner that is into the same thing. The app Whiplr is one of the best hook up apps as it is designed to help you find people with the same interests as you in your local area. You can join or start groups to discuss different topics, talk to individual members and even video chat. Plus, it’s not just for singles. Couples or even groups can join Whiplr too and it is all about the community and finding out what events and people are indulging in the same play in your own community. There is also a super cool ice breaker feature which generates conversation starters if you are a little shy or a bit stuck with where to begin.

Another hook up app with kink in mind is KNKI. This app works on a global level so you can meet and interact with people from all over the world. Plus, you can decide whether your profile is private or public and actually create a profile for yourself much in the same way as Facebook works. You can follow your favourite members and their updates will be displayed in your timeline. Of course you can also interact with members privately through the chat system. It’s a great option for those that travel a lot as it is not restricted to your current location.

There are a lot of apps around these days, so finding the best hook up app for you is all about knowing what you want to get out of it so hopefully this has helped to direct you to the perfect one for you.

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