Top 20 Dating Apps to Hookup on for Free

In a world where picking a date has become nothing more than a picture and a brief description, the internet has become the new kind of dating for people of all ages. Dating apps have become the new trend of meeting people and getting to know them. For many, they are relieved to not ever have to leave their house and still meet the possible girl or guy of their dreams. While others are looking for their next moment of fun and intimacy. Whether you are looking for an intimate moment or a casual date that leads to your forever, there are many dating apps or top hookup sites to choose from that will help you find what you are looking for. Taking your time to get to know what your favorite dating app is when it is your first visit, may be a little overwhelming, but afterwards, you will see that having a dating app that you can go to and depend on to find that special kind of person for you is something that you will always cherish. However, if you find yourself needing help with finding the perfect dating app or best hookup sites for you, then the list of apps in this article will help narrow down your search. You may not find your moment of fun on your first try, but at least you will have a variety of options to choose from.

Free Dating or Hookup Apps to choose from

1. Fling


Fling is a not really a new dating app, but they have been around since the 1990’s and have not disappointed users on their journey of successful flings or relationships. They pride themselves on keeping up with the requests of members and have really grown to be a well known dating app that members love to return to. With this app, there are several different ways to get a member’s attention. One way that may work, is by visiting a love interest’s profile page and waiting for them to reply to the notification of your visit. Some of the other ways to set yourself apart from the others, is by using the Blackbook feature, which gives you the option to add friends to your private circle. You can also win that special someone over, by inviting them to a video chat room and taking it from there. Using a live cam or adding those you are attracted to on your “My Favorites” list, may also get you noticed. Members also have the opportunity to explore the many different users from all over the world, while deciding if they like the app enough to keep coming back. Ranked as being one of the best dating apps in the world, there are over 50 million users on this site who get to enjoy being engaged by other users. If it all works you can always upgrade your membership and unlock other features as well as having fun with going live and earning money. Unfortunately, the paid feature options are a little more expensive than the other dating sites. The other downside to being a member on Fling is that there is not a compatible matching system, and you may have to take the bull by the horns and do your own matchmaking. Even though this may seem like a big inconvenience, whatever you decide, you will not be disappointed with the outcome.


Check out Fling

2. Snapsext


Snapsext, a more sexual site than Fling, is free to sign up for and gives you the opportunity to be more interactive with the other members. To get the conversation started, you can use the message center to send out a stream of messages to other users to break the ice. Communicating with the other users can be as explicit or as innocent as you like on this app and there are many users who love to communicate. If you want to take your time and just explore the site, you can see who is trending or look through the many different profiles. With the search for a fun time with the person you want to have fun with, you will be worry free from running into any fraudulent profiles. If you are someone who is younger than 40, than this site, may be just right for you. A lot of the users on this site are in their 20’s and 30’s and love communicating with the other users. However, like many other sites, if you want to have access to all of the features you will have to upgrade your account. The only thing you may have to watch out for is an escort or two, but for the most part, finding your night of fun with the right one, will be worth the search. Another thing that may give you a little bit of a pause is that this site is known for only focusing on the pictures of the members and not on their profile. If you can see what is more important, which is finding someone who has more in common with you, then focusing on the profile more than the picture should not be a problem.


Check out Snapsext

3. Snapbang


Snapbang, is a site that is truly a site that is meant for everyone, even married people. From swingers to singles, there is no shame in what you may be looking for on this site. Are you a married guy in search of some fun by yourself? Then, you find exactly what you are looking for on this site. Whether you are looking for a one night stand or someone to spend your life with, you will have the opportunity to explore Snapbang for someone to adore. With the free membership, you will get to enjoy talking to and interacting with other users. If you are interested in really hitting it off, you can use the Flirt feature and send a flirt. This usually breaks the ice for members who are too shy to approach other members. If you are wanting to try other features on this site, you will have to upgrade your membership. You can also be as discreet as you want if you are wanting to not let everyone know who you are. Safety will not be a concern on this site, because the site workers work day in and day out to protect every members information. If you are trying to meet people who are wild and fun, then Snapbang is the site for you.


Check out SnapBang

4. Instabang


Instabang, is a free to join site, where you can trade nude pics, and embrace a more adult layout. People of all ages from all over the world take part in this site and you get to be more specific with your decision on what particular age group and location you want to find your fun in. If you are not looking for anything serious, just a night of passion, then is the right place for you. However, if you are wanting to talk to premium members, then you will have to upgrade your profile. Instabang opens you up to a wide majority of members from all over the world, with a vast member gallery and member participation in live cam rooms, video chats, and even arranging dates. This site is nicely laid out with you being able to turn the safe mode button on and off, if you want to keep it clean or dirty. Your visit will be one worth remembering with user interaction being at the top of the list for finding a hot night of passion. To narrow down your search you can play the game, “Hot or Not,” on the website, where you get to place votes on other members. After 50 votes, you get stealth mode for an hour, which means that you are featured at the top for new users. Even though this site is known for being the “Instagram for sexual encounters,” there are not many issues held with it. The owners of this app always makes sure to fix any problems that the members have. So if you are looking to have fun in a dirty way, this app is perfect for you.


Check out Instabang

5. Naughtyhookup


Naughtyhookup, is a site that shows its sexual nature when first coming to the site. This site that helps people get laid, is for everyone from singles to swingers. You get to take in the different people from all over the world as well as the many different features on the site. If you are just wanting to get straight to the sex, than, you can watch sexually explicit videos, under the XXX Videos. However, there are a few issues with this site, which may put you at pause. One of the issues is that when first visiting, the site asks for credit card information, even though it says that there is free lifetime memberships. They say it is for age for verification, but in the fine print charges occur for VIP members and a two day trial. Another this is that there may be a lot of bots or fake profiles that will continue to message you on this site, which makes it hard to really enjoy the features as well as look at other members on this site. You can’t even respond to messages or emails unless you upgrade to a VIP membership. So at best, this site may just be good for browsing and looking at the different features if you are able to look at them. Unfortunately, if you are looking for a night of passion without all of the red tape, you will most likely be better off going to another site with fewer issues.


Check out NaughtyHookup

6. Megahookup


Megahookup, is a site that is similar in nature to Naughtyhookup. Yow will be able to enjoy the live cam members and the many features on this site, but there are also the issues of bots and fake profiles on this site, which makes it hard to really enjoy it. Even though this site says it is free when first signing up, you will want to be careful. Afterwards it will ask for a credit card for age verification and the fine print will talk about the VIP membership. Another issue you may have with a site like this, is that will ask for a photo ID to be sent to them for verification purposes. However, if you are just looking for XXX videos to watch or some live cam action, then you may enjoy this site, but there will be the aggravation of pop up ads as well as bots, actors, and models trying to talk to you on this site. If you are looking for something more physical and fun, visiting another site, may be just what you need.


Check out Megahookup

7. Benaughty


Benaughty, is a new kind of mainstream dating that has brought the interests of many people from around the world to the site. It is free to sign up for and after signing up, you will be able to browse the different members, which fill the page and features. When visiting this site, you will be able to decide if you want to meet someone local or in a 100 mile radius of you. Women are very active on this site, because they have the chance to contact the men for free. With the 40 thousand new members joining every week, you will not be disappointed with the outcome. Along with seeing the new members, you will also be able to see the members that are online at that very moment. If you are wanting to jump right on in and break the ice, then you can send a mass message out to the other members and see who responds. This site is so popular, it received a 4.5 out of 5 stars in the Apple app store. There are only a couple of things that may make visitors want to go to other sites for more action. One thing that many visitors may go to other sites for are the video chats. Although you have a lot of members on the site, the plainness of the site, may have you looking at other sites for more fun. Another issue you may have with this site, is that it may not be as active with conversation as you like, but hopefully sending out a mass message to the other members will break the ice. Depending on what you are looking for when visiting this site, you may have to be the one to make the first move. Either way, whether looking for a good time or a casual date, you will not have to worry about finding that on this site.


Check out BeNaugty

8. Flirt


Flirt, is a site that is much like Benaughty. You will get to see many different people from many different places on this site. After signing up for free, you will be able to explore the features as well as search profiles for your perfect match. This site is also a little basic, maybe even more so than what you would like. There is not a video chats feature, which may have you looking for other dating sites to visit to fulfill your erotic dreams. Even though this site has a lot of members, it has a grown a reputation of having fake female profiles, which may not be a site that you want to continue to be browse through if you are looking for a night of fun or a casual date. This is a site that will either have you coming back for the conversations or make you leave for more features and more fun.


Check out Flirt

9. Adultfriendfinder


Adultfriendfinder, is known to have the “World’s largest sex and swinger community.” It is a site that has earned several awards for being the best dating site, including, the XBiz Award for the best dating site in 2016, an AVN Award, for the Best Dating Site, and a YNOT Award for the Best Dating Company, in 2015. Along with this site being an award winning site, it is well respected since it has been active since 1996. Once you visit this site, you will be taken in by the many features that grace this site, but to respond to members you will have to pay for it. You will even have to pay just to send a flirt. For some this may be an inconvenience on getting to know the other members on the site, but it does not mean that the features on the site can’t be browsed through. One feature that may intrigue you, is the Sex Academy, which is a feature that teaches couples how to appreciate sex and their significant other. You will have the chance to take a course for free and afterwards, if you enjoy the what you have learned, you can order more courses. Some of the other features appreciated on this site, include, the Share Private Albums feature, which lets you send an invite to members you would like to let see your private pictures. If you are in the mood to share a blog about anything, you will be able to share and read other blogs posted by other members. With more than 170 thousand groups on this site, your conversations with other members will never be boring. You will have more fun if you are looking for more to do, but unfortunately there is no public confirmation male to female ratio or data driven matching system. These two things can either turn you away or make you want to know for sure just by visiting the site. If you are looking for a very fun way to have fun with all of the features on this site, than giving this site a chance may be what you have been looking for all along.


Check out AdulfFriendFinder

10. Meetlocals


Meetlocals, is a dating site that helps you find local matches for your sexual desires. To get the ball rolling on meeting hot locals, you can start by voting for other members if they are hot. If you vote 200 times, you will receive a Gold Highlight for a day. If you are a little more interested in talking to members in other parts of the world, you will be able to talk to people world wide. You will also not have to worry about if the profiles are real or if there will be limitations on who can join, because this is a site for everyone. Although, this site may be a site you want to browse, this site is not known for creating long term relationships. Meetlocals, also does not mention that it is a site just for hooking up. If you are looking for something that leads to no more than casual sex, than this site might be the one for you.


Check out MeetLocals

11. Friendfinder-x


Friendfinder-x, is a site for people who are looking for their next moment of fun. When visiting this site you will see the sexually explicit pictures of members, that keep people coming back. Whether you are single looking for fun or a couple, trying to find your next adventure, Friend finder-x, will bring you a different vision to the dating sex scene than what you may be used to. For those who are new to the site, it may be a little overwhelming, but after looking through the features, it becomes easier to use. Another feature you may enjoy about this site, is the Rating system, which sorts members, videos, and images, by the hotness. You can also customize your profile options for better results. If you just want to browse the site, you can look at the adult movies on the site or participate in the contests on the site. However, to participate in some of the other features on this site, you will have to upgrade your membership. This site may have all kinds of fun activities, for everyone, but unfortunately, any communication that members want to take part in, will be for members with a upgraded service only. If you would like to chat with models or watch adult videos, you may also have to pay additional costs on top of your membership fee. Other than having fun exploring the site, you will find all of your sexual fantasies come true after signing up for this site.


Check out FriendFinder X

12. Passion

Passion, is a site built off of building intimate relationships and creating an opportunity for people to go on casual dates. With this site, you get to browse the many different options and the many different members who are on this site. It is not as sexually explicit as the other ones, but you will be able to browse the features and message members who you are attracted to. Members who come visit this site that has over 50 million members and over 100 thousand members on at anytime, will be able to embrace the diversity of everyone. You will also be able to enjoy the user friendly environment and the easy to use site as well as the Point and Voting system on the website. Even though you may not see the kinky and sexy photos at first, you can always change the settings to fit your comfort level. You can even use the “Sexual Kink,” option if you have a certain kind of fun you are looking for. If you want to get more information about the sexiness of the site, then you can subscribe to the Passion Magazine on the site. Whatever fun you come to the site to take in, you will not be bored or disappointed. However, the use of the site is limited without a paid membership and there is no individual mobile app. If you are wanting to explore a uniquely different kind of dating app, to explore, than Passion, will be the app to go to.


Check out Passion

13. Instanthookups


Instanthookups, is a site that is much like Sexsearch. The members on this site are very open with their pictures and you will find many of the members nude on this site. Like some of the other dating sites, members may send you a date request if they are interested in you and may even send you a gift to break the ice. After signing up for free, you will be able to embrace the diversity of the hundreds of thousands of members on this site. If you are one who wants to skip drinks and dinner, this site may be perfect for you. Many of the members are ready for a night of passionate fun and express it to other members they are attracted to. However, if you are wanting more action, an upgrade of service has be made for more fun to be had. What may turn you away from this site, are the pop up ads. While trying to admire other members or look at the features, you may find yourself upset, because the ads are constantly popping up. Another thing that may be an issue, is the fact that the site cannot be browsed in public, because of all of the nudity on it, but if you are one who would love to explore a kinky site with sex being an option without a date, then you will like this site.


Check out IntstantHookups

14. Uberhorny


Uberhorny, is a site, much like Fling, which brings people from all over the world together to get to know each other and possibly hookup later. You will automatically be taken back by the open community of views you get on this site as well as the messages you receive. Depending on what kind of fun you are looking for, this site has a little of everything. Members are not afraid to let you know what they are looking for and some even expect you to know what you want once getting on the site. Finding people who have similar interests may be another thing about this site you like and if there are any problems, you can always contact the website operator, who is on the site 24 hours a day. Members also get to enjoy the video chat feature as well as the group chat, if they want to know more than one person. You will definitely be a busy body with communication on this site. You will also be able to interact with live webcam models, but one thing that may keep you from being completely involved, is the gallery. Even though there is one on this site, it is not like other dating sites. There is also not a blog or running commentary, that will give you more features to look at. However, if you are just wanting to find someone to hook up with, you will love this site.


Check out Uberhorny

 15. Loveaholics


Loveaholics, is a site that is strictly made for hooking up. As the new kid on the block, you will get a lot of attention from views, to messages, to winks. You will be the center of attention and members will interact with you. After coming to this site, you can browse through the Like Gallery and decide which members you like. You can also upload videos to attract other users. Other than the few features that is on this site, there is not a lot that will keep users interested. You may be able to find what you are looking for with the search tool, but after browsing the locals, you may get bored. If you are just looking for someone to hook up with without any strings attached, this site may be for you.


Check out Loveaholics

16. Affair Alert


Affair Alert, is a site for people who are trying to discreetly have a fling. This site has many features, including a XXX videos feature. If that does not interest you, then the Quickie hookup game may. This game is where you would vote on which people you would love to have a sexual encounter with. You can also look at the newest member feature, but if you are trying to use any of the other features, you will have to upgrade your account to either silver or gold. Even though, the site is built around having a one night stand, this site still has a bad reputation of being a shady scam site, but once you get on and browse the features for yourself, you may find that the features are enough to keep you coming back. If you are married and looking for a little adult one time fun, then Affair Alert may be just what you need to let loose.


Check out Affairalert

17. LiveFlings

LiveFlings, is a site meant for hooking up and is also a site for older people. Members who are 45 and older, may enjoy this site a little more than younger members. Members who come to this site may also enjoy some free porn as well as adult sex games on the site. You can browse the members as well as interact with them. You can also request a live chat and create your own Buddies list. The members on this site, isn’t as interactive as other dating sites, but you can always spend your time looking over the features and enjoying what makes this site so unique. There is also a chance that you may come across some fake profiles, but if you are just looking for a sexual encounter with nothing more, than LiveFlings, is for you.


Check out LiveFlings


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